Rhino Poaching Stake-Out

The Parlotones will join characters at Dinaledi Lodge, during the episode on Thursday 22 March, to perform at a function that Marang (Connie Ferguson) organised in memory of her late brother, Tiro Lebone. Tiro died tragically during a Rhino Poaching stake-out in January and was a passionate conservationist.

Hunky Parlotones drummer Neil Pauw will donate a painting in the story – and in reality – to raise funds for tracker dogs to assist with Anti Rhino poaching. “I was inspired to create the painting when I was at Sun City,” says Pauw. “It was at the golf challenge and there was a Rhino force stand with horrific pictures of slaughtered Rhinos. I felt that I needed to do something to try and fight this horrible and unnecessary act of insanity. I designed and painted the painting to be auctioned off so that all proceeds can go towards the fight against Rhino poaching. It is an abstract acrylic painting of a white and a black Rhino. The red horns are sadly red because of the blood and removal of their horns”.

In the episode, Janina Oberholzer from Jacaranda 94.2 is the MC and auctions off the painting with enough drama and under-currents during the auction to satisfy any soap viewer. The band will also perform one of their new songs, called “Goodbyes are never Easy” in this episode. Neil says that it was a great privilege for him and the band to be on set at The Wild. “It’s awesome to see that they put their hearts out towards the fight against Rhino poaching. The people we met were amazing and it was an absolute blast working with them all. Now let’s hope we can get huge support from all the viewers and readers.”

In reality, the painting will be auctioned when The Wild, The Parlotones and Jacaranda 94.2, embark on a campaign to raise awareness and much needed funds for tracker dogs. The dogs will be trained to operate out in the bush on Rhino reserves as a pro-active approach to fight Rhino poaching. Not only will the dogs be taught to track human scent, enabling the anti-poaching team to track poachers far more quickly, but they will also be trained to protect team members, detect ammunitions and sniff down rhino horn. The dogs will be trained via the Rhino Dogs project, a collaboration between StopRhinoPoaching.com and the MECHEM Dog Unit, a subsidiary of Denel. To train one dog is R40 000.00, and MECHEM will be sponsoring the handler training for the dogs as part of their CSI project, valued at R15 000 per handler. StopRhinoPoaching.com will facilitate the dog placement.

The campaign kicks off on 22 March and will peak on Wednesday 18 April at Jacaranda’s Monte Casino studio when the public can pledge live on air and bid for the painting during the Martin Bester Drive from 4 – 7pm. The Parlotones, Cast members from The Wild and tracker dogs Russell, Ruby and Jack will be there to meet the public and to encourage potential donors. The project aims to raise enough money to train at least two dogs.