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Bank: FNB
Acc. Name: Stop Rhino Poaching NPC
Acc. Type: Cheque
Acc. No.: 62348792517
Branch Code: 251037
SWIFT code for use by international donors:
FIRNZAJJ (Please drop us an email if you require additional bank details
for overseas transactions.)

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Us Saying Thank You

If you have a special story behind your donation, we would really like to hear about it. If your child has been baking cupcakes for months to raise funds, or if a family member passed away and chose a donation rather than flowers, it’s these personal stories that we pass on to the rangers.

Please email us at info@stoprhinopoaching.com with your story and pictures.

Supporting the Rhino Cause

We’re all about keeping rhinos alive, which is why we’d like to extend our sincere appreciation for your interest in supporting the rhino cause.

Rangers and reserve managers carry on their shoulders the responsibility of saving a species. They are the ones at the sharp end, who stand between a rhino and a poacher, and it’s their efforts that determine the fate of the rhinos on the reserves they protect. Rhino lives depend on them.

Far too often we underestimate the difference we can make, or the significance of our support. To hand a ranger a new torch, or a backpack, or to run a first aid course, or deploy a new tracking dog, not only means that rangers build up the myriad of tools they need to protect rhinos, your support demonstrates something else that is just as important: that we care. That us we as the public, across the world, recognise the significance of their profession, appreciate the work they are doing and want to play a role in helping them to carry out their duties to the best of their abilities.

Funding support is desperately needed to help secure the safety of rhinos and their rangers in reserves across South Africa. Our donor funding is used towards critical initiatives, focusing mainly on rhino security, ranger capability, as well as supporting ongoing investigations within specially identified projects. Keeping rhinos alive!

We call on various rhino specialists for input on specific or unique fund placement projects, combining a wide range of expertise including rhino management, research and security. Rhino reserve recipients need to fulfill comprehensive qualifying criteria which include, but are not limited to: herd size, conservation-based management principles and commitment, existing security infrastructure and initiatives, participation in information sharing and regional security efforts as well as the likelihood of arrests to be effected.

Donor funding allocation and expenditure is managed by StopRhinoPoaching.com, a registered Not-For-Profit Company (Stop Rhino Poaching NPC 2011/127862/08). We are a registered PBO (930054491) registered with South African Revenue Services and can issue Section 18A Tax Exemption Certificates to South African donors.


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