How to Support Us has been very fortunate, in that we have incredible partnerships with like-minded individuals, companies and sister NGOs who are dedicated to making a difference to the rhino cause. does not save rhinos lives. In our view, we are merely the channel to get your support to the right role-players and its THEM (with your help) who save rhinos lives. Without the dedicated rangers, reserve managers, security personnel and various law enforcement agencies who are working flat out and do their best, we would most certainly have lost THOUSANDS more rhinos. is making a difference, because the stakeholders we work with on the ground sincerely appreciate our support and its them who are on the frontlines.

We often come across people who believe that their R20 / R50 / R100 / R200 won’t make any difference. Never underestimate your contribution. You’d be amazed how funds add up, and how relatively low cost items can make a fundamental difference.

Here’s an example:

“Men deployed in the bush with survival straws you supplied. Sam says when he drinks via survival straw, its like sparkling water from shop. They are all using it now! Makes us more independent! Light and fast” – Bruce Leslie, Commander, Special Rangers, Kruger National Park

A survival straw is a water purification device that fits onto a water bladder in a backpack. When equipped with one of these, rangers can fill up at water holes rather than carrying litres of heavy water with them, thereby enhancing mobility and speed. This is essential when in pursuit of poachers. A survival straw costs a mere R500.00……

We have had the most fantastic support from people from all walks of life. If you want to get involved but aren’t sure how, look within your circle of influence! There is always a way to make a difference

Some Common Questions

We have a company and want to donate proceeds from one / some of our products

We welcome this type of partnership. Please send us an email, giving us a brief background on your company and product and how you would like to get involved.

We want to donate funding - How much comes off the top for administration / operational costs?

Thanks to the generous support of our partner, the International Rhino Foundation (IRF), we are able to channel 100% of donations to SRP back towards our rhino protection projects. The IRF recognises the importance of sustained capabilities and has awarded SRP grant funding to cover core operating costs. We are indebted for their support.

How do we know that our money is going to the rhinos?

Where requested, we will happily forward confirmation of payment/s for what we have purchased with your funding.

How do you place funds?, through Elise, is well placed through her 13 years' experience in the wildlife industry. As a trusted and well known person she has been able to establish projects with private, provincial and national reserves. All projects need to meet's qualifying criteria, our various decision makers are consulted for opinion and once projects are complete there are follow up visits to look at effectiveness. Rather than spreading our resources far too thinly and helping numerous areas, we prefer to concentrate our efforts on specially selected reserves and build their capacity where needed.

I don't have funding but would like to volunteer to work for you

Thank you, truly, but due to the complexities of the crisis and because most of our projects are security focused, does not offer volunteer opportunities.

Fun fundraising ideas

Involve your company or people at work in raising funds. Be it a dinner or golf day or selling pancakes and boerewors rolls.


If you're into sports, get sponsored to run a marathon / ride a race in support of


If you're getting married or celebrating a birthday, your loved ones can donate to us in lieu of gifts.


We've had heartwarming support for the little ones, from school collections to cupcake sales to selling our rhino bands and stickers.

Help Create Awareness

Link our banner to your email signature and raise awareness

Help with Basic Second-Hand Equipment

While we appreciate any contributions, equipment needs to be in working order. We also need to work out the viability of traveling costs or courier fees to Pretoria.

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