Stop Rhino Poaching Contributes to Groundbreaking work at Kwandwe Private Game Reserve

Technology plays an increasingly important role for rhino reserves and is a powerful tool in the hands of capable and committed staff who take the initiative to lead the way in developing modern monitoring and security approaches.

Black Rhino Wheels long-term commitment to rhino protection and conservation enables us to support projects we know and believe in. Through this partnership, we are incredibly proud to have recently contributed to groundbreaking work at Kwandwe Private Game Reserve where AI-enabled smart foot collars from Rouxel Technology @rhinocustodians are fitted to rhino to detect and transmit abnormal behaviour in real-time.

An integrated UAV capability ensures over watch in response to scaled alerts, enabling managers to investigate and deploy security teams rapidly if necessary.

Our most grateful appreciation to Black Rhino Wheels

and their customers, your support is invaluable to our collaborative efforts to safeguard these magnificent animals.