Fluke Corporation’s generous donation to StopRhinoPoaching.com

An effective communications system forms the backbone of any reserve’s conservation and protection efforts. This even more so across a large landscape with challenging mountainous terrain. Rangers rely on connectivity – radio’s, cellphones etc, for their routine daily work, but even more so to run various technologies and critical anti-poaching operations.

Fluke Corporation’s generous donation to StopRhinoPoaching.com has enabled us to assist Addo Elephant National Park to enhance their communications network with a goal to increasing their coverage tremendously. This includes the linking of repeaters and re-programming of radios to streamline the use of dedicated channels.

Nick de Goede, Park Manager of Addo, has expressed his grateful appreciation to Fluke and StopRhinoPoaching.com saying “from Addo’s side we are very grateful for the funds that we received to sort our communication out. Addo is the 3rd largest park in South Africa and is stretched out, making communication very difficult. For all of the anti-poaching work we do we know that the two most important tools are the rangers on the ground and then obviously the comms that enable them to do the work. We are very grateful for the assistance and cannot thank you enough.”