Ever Wondered What Happens to Our Smaller Donations in March 2021?

Ever wondered what happens to all our “smaller” donations? Support from good hearted folk who don’t have the means to give as much as they wish they could but do so anyway?  A small monthly debit via their internet banking, a deposit with an email saying thanks for what you do, a school bake sale followed by a mail from a proud mom saying “my daughter and her school friends want to help the rhinos. They worked really hard and have raised a few hundred Rand for you.” Over the years we have had so many personal stories come our way, and all so often these are accompanied with the words “I wish we could do more.”

The significance of this support, that comes from the hearts of those who have given despite their circumstances, can never be underestimated. We pool these funds up, be it to help with things like airtime and data for rangers, hangar fees, camera traps or a myriad of other things that are critical to keeping operations going. Or, we save and save, combining these funds with those of other donors, and save for something SPECIAL.

So, to every person who thinks their R50/R100/R1000+ might not go that far in the bigger scheme of things to help rhinos, it’s our great pleasure to introduce you to Psycho.

Latest member of the Big Game Parks K9 unit in eSwatini, Psycho is one impressive boy. He’s what’s known as a DB, short for Doberman Bloodhound and was bred and partly trained by Gaven Holden-Smith. Gaven’s dogs have had significant successes, are very much in demand and we are very thrilled to have Psycho as part of the SRP RhinoDog family. Psycho’s training was rounded off by our long time friend, Johan van Straaten at the South African Wildlife College before becoming a “citizen of eSwatini.”

We’d like to add a special shoutout to the Viljoen family, who’s regular deposits along with those of the magnificent Cheryl Raath (Rhino Bar sales) and Chemstrat Industrial (SRP K9 support) and so many others make special things like Psycho happen!!