Rhino Poaching Update as SA Pays Tribute to Brave and Fallen Rangers

Minister of Environment Barbara Creecy today released the latest rhino poaching statistics for South Africa, whilst also paying tribute to SANParks’ rangers, including those rangers who tragically died over the past year.

Minister Creecy said:

“Today on World Ranger Day, we want to pay tribute to our rangers for the incredible work they do each and every day to keep our National Parks and our iconic species safe. We also want to pay tribute to eleven of our staff members at SANParks who lost their lives to Covid 19 over the past year.

“We find ourselves in a position where the efforts being made to combat wildlife crime, such as rhino poaching, are influenced to some extent by the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the battle to beat the Covid-19 pandemic.”

“In the battle to conserve our wildlife and halt poaching, it is our rangers who remain at the forefront, putting their lives on the line daily to conserve our environment and vulnerable species despite the additional risk of contracting Covid-19.”

“We also want to remember Field Ranger, Checkers Mashego whose lifeless body was discovered at the Kruger Park late last year. May the souls of all our SANPARKS staff and field rangers rest in peace after serving our nation with diligence and passion.”

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