We at, love schools! Why? Because schools are where young South Africans learn to love rhinos, and in learning to love them, we know that later in life, they will go on to protect them. So, we do everything we can to make sure schools have what they need to spread the love for these precious creatures. Our dream is that every child in South Africa knows everything they can about rhinos – where they live, how they behave, what they eat, pretty much everything, and of course, why it is so important to protect them. Very soon, you’ll be able to download information fact sheets and fun stuff, all relating to rhinos, right here on our website, so watch this space!

We get a lot of enquiries from schools, wanting to raise funds for our organization, and this really warms our hearts because we are always in need of funds. We at spend our time providing protection for rhinos all over South Africa. From training rangers, to providing anti-poaching units with much needed equipment, to helping strengthen fence lines, to training tracker dogs, to running informant networks, to supporting law enforcement authorities, you will find us doing it.

We also have a range of rhino related things we sell, that we think are pretty cool. Rhino bands, rhino candles, paracord bands, buffs…. These are all available for schools to buy off our Home Page to show your support.

If you’re reading this, it means you’ve already taken an interest, so thank you for that! If we get to work with you in future, even better.

Be inspired by all the schools who are busy raising funds for us - click here to visit our Schools For Rhino Facebook page!

Until then, take care



If your school would like to raise funds for,

please contact so that we can team up with you.