Suspicious behaviour of ANY KIND that may be linked to rhino poaching can be reported by completing the online reporting form below.

Your report is forwarded directly to trusted authorities, please give us as much detailed information as possible.


On the ground - important details to look out for:

- Suspicious vehicles patrolling in wildlife areas.
- Fence lines that have been cut.
- Suspect individuals seen walking around / claim to be lost / looking for work in rhino reserves are most probably scouting.
- Talk of strangers in town asking where rhinos are. Poachers are known to use women to approach reserve staff.


As helicopters have played a role in some poaching incidents, public awareness of low flying aircraft over game farms and reserves is of utmost importance. By law, no helicopter or aeroplane is permitted to fly below 1 500ft over a designated game reserve area without permission from the land owner. Although helicopters are used for routine game capture operations, this is always done with the consent of the game farm owner or manager. Please report any low flying aircraft, even if it turns out to be a legitimate flight.

Important details to look out for:

- Aircraft registration. By law this should appear on the tail and underbelly of a helicopter or tail and the under-wing of an aeroplane.
- The colour of the aircraft, stripes/pattern, number of occupants. Be specific e.g. a "blue helicopter" could be light blue, royal blue or navy.
- Time and area of operation, as well as the direction in which the aircraft was heading. Also consider what the helicopter was doing. If it was flying high, fast and straight over then chances are that it's a routine flight. Become suspicious when a helicopter is low, slow and obviously circling an area. Please give as much detailed information as possible. All reports are handled confidentially and are forwarded by the system directly to the relevant authorities.


The key rhino investigators receiving tip-offs via this site

would like to thank everyone who has submitted a suspicious report.

Unfortunately, due to a high spamming rate, we can no longer accommodate anonymous reports. Please be assured that your name and contact details will be kept strictly confidential.

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