On behalf of the reserves, rangers and rhinos we support, we would like to extend our sincere appreciation to you - OUR RHINO HEROES - for your ongoing contributions to the rhino cause. To all the companies, their owners and managers, clients or customers as well as the inspirational individuals who make our work possible, thanks to each and every one of you we are able to do a lot - together - to help our rhinos.


Drawing on the good will and expertise of our strategic stakeholders has helped to ensure that the reserves and initiatives we support have access to the best of the best. Read more about how these roleplayers are actively supporting the rhino cause on our Projects page.



Click here for more information on these projects, companies and inspirational individuals.

2018 DONORS 


Chemstrat, Anne Gee, L Engelke, "Stop Rhino Poaching" donor, Viljoen donor, Chris van Zyl, Journey's Inn, TLT Accountants, Strawberry Lane Kids and B Antunes

R3 000.00 + DONORS:

R1 594 430.40 in grant funding from International Rhino Foundation

R1 000 000.00 from our partners, CTM 

R310 000.00 from our partners, BB Cement

R225 000.00 channeled for My Planet Rhino Fund Projects

R47 580.00 from Lisa Scheepers' Supper Theater

R21 076.00 from Cheryl Raath and her Rhino Bars

R14 000.00 from Trio Tools

R13 314.10 from Hudson Park Primary School

R4 733.09 from PayPal donations

2017 DONORS 


Chemstrat, Anne Gee, L Engelke, "Stop Rhino Poaching" donor, Viljoen donor, Chris van Zyl, Journey's Inn, TLT Accountants and B Antunes

R3 000.00 + DONORS:

R2 150 680.30 in grant funding from International Rhino Foundation

R424 134.00 channeled for Africa Foundation

R421 283.00 channeled for Tusk Trust

R389 415.00 channeled for Oak Foundation

R100 000.00 donated by Leisure Charity Trust

R75 000.00 donated by Timeless Africa Safaris

R50 000.00 donated by CRF Pharmacare

R50 000.00 donated by Alu-Cab

R48 000.00 donated by PGB 

R47 823.96 donated via GivenGain

R44 500.00 donated by Run4Rhinos

R39 558.75 donated by Genesis Import

R32 500.00 donated by Destination Skydafrika

R30 000.00 donated by WP Caterers

R22 000.00 donated by African Creative

R16 800.00 donated by our Viljoen donor

R10 000.00 donated by Mantella

R10 000.00 donated by Black Rhino CNC

R9 060.00 donated by Great White Shark Tours

R7 000.00 donated by TD Townsend



Chemstrat, Moeksie, Anne Gee, L Engelke , "Save our Rhino" donor, "Stop Rhino Poaching" donor, Viljoen donor, Chris van Zyl, Journey's Inn, TLT Accountants

R3 000.00 + DONORS:

R22 832.45 from Genesis Export

R8 105.37 from Canberra Girls Grammar School

R34 674.00 from an unnamed Forex deposit

R7 500.00 from Great White Shark Tours

R3 400.00 from Viljoen donation

R30 000.00 from Jacaranda FM - Purple Rhino Party

R4 000.00 from longtime SRP friend Darryl Rudman

R3 800.00 from Viljoen donation

R1 000 000.00 from CTM

R59 495.34 from Andrew Gaunt, in memory of his late father. Special thanks to Save the Rhino International for channeling these funds, and to Mike of Wildcon Events for the intro.

R13 000.00 via Anton and Cheryl Raath

R5 000.00 from Shenaaz in support of SANParks ECI

R3 000.00 for Estelle Lubbe (dear friend of SRP)

R20 000.00 from CTM towards Rhino Dog training

R4 000.00 Viljoen donation

R792 725.76 from the International Rhino Foundation (USFWS funding) for ranger base building and upgrades - E Cape

R24 000.00 from African Creative's Locked Horn Project

R50 000.00 from the Mpumalanga Black Aces Club and Soccer Team

R3 000.00 from Viljoen Donation

R30 000.00 for Western Province Caterers

R389 304.96 from International Rhino Foundation for a digital radio system, Eastern Cape reserve

R102 421.20 from KfW Bankengruppe

R5 000.00 from Amaranta Flora

R100 000.00 from BushStraps

R8 000.00 from A Calvin

R115 000.00 from BB Cement

R10 000.00 from Bain and Company SA

R8 538.14 from Genesis Import

R449 811.00 from the International Rhino Foundation for core operational funding of SRP as well as funds toward Project Embrace

R39 600.00 from P G Bison

R7 500.00 from the Finsch Proto Team

R22 017.00 from PayPal donations

R200 000.00 from Jacaranda FM's Purple Rhino Project

R31 520.78 from BushStraps - SRP merchandise sales

R10 174.00 - Jenny School Donation


Special thanks and appreciation to all our donors for your support. Every single cent counts!! We will continue you to update the site with donations over R3 000.00, donations from schools and thanks to our monthly donors.

rhino poaching





Accenture, Chemstrat, Bonita Smit, Moeksie, Anne Gee, Silverman, J Cussen, L Engelke and Chris van Zyl

R3 000.00 + DONORS:

R138 350.00 raised from Smaak Screen Guards

R116 168.35 raised from SA Express's SRP Collection Boxes.

R40 000.00 from Builders Warehouse (Jacaranda Purple Rhino Project)

R22 000.00 from African Creative

R5 451.00 from Jorja Johnston

R8 160.45 from Blairgowrie Primary School

R482.00 from St Peter's Prep School

R4 108.06 from Cliffview Primary

R5 000.00 from Alexandra Seale

R5 000.00 from Evr Transport

R3 000.00 from MBW Art

R3 657.00 ftom SVB's Risk & Governance Department

R13 228.18 from Go-for-Rhinos for GRU support

R14 608.00 from Total

R30 000.00 from Semancor

R12 393.64 from Go-for-Rhinos for GRU support

R3 290.00 from Wilna, Wildtuin Ete

R10 510.00 from OUTsurance

R5 000.00 from E Berry

R7 716.00 from the Logan Family

R1 000 000.00 raised by CTM

R11 619.55 raised for GRU by Go-For-Rhinos

R1 000.00 form Kirstenhof Primary

R60 380.00 raised from The Rhino Climb for Phinda

R58 837.00 raised from 94.7 for Phinda

R139 312.01 from Almanac Publishers

R72 931.00 from various Timbavati landowners for a Rhino Dog for Timbavati Private Game Reserve

rhino poaching