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Elise Serfontein

Before sending us an email about volunteering or ideas to stop poaching, please read our FAQ section linked to the home page.




Stop Rhino Poaching NPC (Reg # 2011/127862/08) is a Not-For-Profit Company. Both the name Stop Rhino Poaching as well as our logo are Trade Marked and may not be used in any form without our consent.

Better known as, we launched in July 2010 as an independent web-based platform, dedicated to raising awareness and support for the war against rhino poaching. Although independent, enjoys a close working relationship with many recognised role players, their opinion and experience proving invaluable when establishing projects and allocating funds. Support for rhino in National, Provincial and certain Private Reserves is a primary objective and as such, the majority of our resources are channeled in this direction.

Please take note that is ISSUE-NEUTRAL when it comes to the proposed trade in rhino horn.
Our focus is on rhino PROTECTION.

OUR MISSION is totally committed to helping protect and conserve rhinos in South Africa.

We actively pursue this mission in the following ways:

  • By seeking out, identifying, initiating and coordinating supportive projects for the safety of larger rhino populations.
  • By supporting, wherever possible, existing rhino protection projects which fulfill our necessary qualifying criteria.
  • By drawing on the input and guidance of respected rhino specialists and colleagues, while at all times working within the guidelines of the National Needs Analysis.
  • By pursuing opportunities, encouraging like-minded sponsoring partnerships and broadening our areas of impact for the greater good of South Africa‚Äôs rhinos.

  • To encourage continued public awareness and support for rhino in South Africa.
  • To convey current, factual content with regard to rhino poaching. The Home Page will reflect the latest available poaching figure.
  • To rally financial backing from both corporate and private donors, while giving them exposure and credit for their support. In the interests of transparency, funding allocations will be available to view on the website. For security reasons the reserve name or benefactors names may sometimes be withheld.

AWARDS is proud to have been recognised with the following awards:

  • Best Awareness, Education or Funding, Rhino Conservation Awards, 2015.
  • Bronze Medal awarded to Elise Daffue by the Game Rangers Association of Africa for her contribution in raising funds to support rangers and their work, 2015
  • Best NGO, Rhino Conservation Awards, 2012.

Rhino Conservation Awards

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Thank you to our friend Phil Hatting for putting this video together for us.