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Click here for the press release on the Kruger Tactical First Aid Training by ER24
Click here for a great article on SRP.com and the Tactical Trauma Training project (ER24 e-magazine page 29)



The #MBDShow hosted a Purple Rhino Party at Ridge Back Centurion on the 31st of July for a 3 hour Telethon to raise funds for Jacaranda FM's Purple Rhino Project. Through the great donations of Jacaranda FM listeners they managed to raise R300 000.00 in the effort to end rhino poaching.

Tactical First Aid ER24


Click here for the press release on the Kruger Tactical First Aid Training by ER24



Game Reserves United

Game Reserves United

Jacaranda FM

Jacaranda FM

Sabi Sand Rhino Dog

Sabi Sand Rhino Dog

2012 & 2013


April update: 11 dogs deployed and another 2 - sponsored by the Dis-Chem Foundation for Sabi Sands Wildtuin - will be deployed soon.


Kruger Tracking Dogs

Kruger National Park

Kruger Tracking Dogs

Kruger National Park

Jacaranda FM


Jacaranda Rhino Dogs

UPDATE, 13 June : Martin, Barney and Arod joined us at MECHEM today where they were treated to a demonstration on bite-work. The rangers are doing incredibly well, are making the most of their training and are truly appreciative of this opportunity. Again, a BIG THANK YOU to Jacaranda FM, Clippa Sales for the highest pledge of an amazing R200 000.00, Parlotones drummer Neil Pauw for his incredible painting - the cornerstone of the entire project - and The Parlotones themselves, MNet's The Wild and all the Jacaranda FM listeners who continue to support the fight against rhino poaching.

Jacaranda FM

Jacaranda FM



The Parlotones will join characters at Dinaledi Lodge, during the episode on Thursday 22 March, to perform at a function that Marang (Connie Ferguson) organised in memory of her late brother, Tiro Lebone. Tiro died tragically during a Rhino Poaching stake-out in January and was a passionate conservationist.

Hunky Parlotones drummer Neil Pauw will donate a painting in the story - and in reality - to raise funds for tracker dogs to assist with Anti Rhino poaching. "I was inspired to create the painting when I was at Sun City,” says Pauw. "It was at the golf challenge and there was a Rhino force stand with horrific pictures of slaughtered Rhinos. I felt that I needed to do something to try and fight this horrible and unnecessary act of insanity. I designed and painted the painting to be auctioned off so that all proceeds can go towards the fight against Rhino poaching. It is an abstract acrylic painting of a white and a black Rhino. The red horns are sadly red because of the blood and removal of their horns”.

In the episode, Janina Oberholzer from Jacaranda 94.2 is the MC and auctions off the painting with enough drama and under-currents during the auction to satisfy any soap viewer. The band will also perform one of their new songs, called "Goodbyes are never Easy” in this episode. Neil says that it was a great privilege for him and the band to be on set at The Wild. "It’s awesome to see that they put their hearts out towards the fight against Rhino poaching. The people we met were amazing and it was an absolute blast working with them all. Now let's hope we can get huge support from all the viewers and readers.”

In reality, the painting will be auctioned when The Wild, The Parlotones and Jacaranda 94.2, embark on a campaign to raise awareness and much needed funds for tracker dogs. The dogs will be trained to operate out in the bush on Rhino reserves as a pro-active approach to fight Rhino poaching. Not only will the dogs be taught to track human scent, enabling the anti-poaching team to track poachers far more quickly, but they will also be trained to protect team members, detect ammunitions and sniff down rhino horn. The dogs will be trained via the Rhino Dogs project, a collaboration between StopRhinoPoaching.com and the MECHEM Dog Unit, a subsidiary of Denel. To train one dog is R40 000.00, and MECHEM will be sponsoring the handler training for the dogs as part of their CSI project, valued at R15 000 per handler. StopRhinoPoaching.com will facilitate the dog placement.

The campaign kicks off on 22 March and will peak on Wednesday 18 April at Jacaranda’s Monte Casino studio when the public can pledge live on air and bid for the painting during the Martin Bester Drive from 4 – 7pm. The Parlotones, Cast members from The Wild and tracker dogs Russell, Ruby and Jack will be there to meet the public and to encourage potential donors. The project aims to raise enough money to train at least two dogs.

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2010 - 2011

In August 2010 StopRhinoPoaching.com had the pleasure of partnering with Jacaranda 94.2 on what has become a phenomenal journey. Not only did the station embark on an incredible fundraising campaign that benefitted key rhino herds and the rangers who look after them, but on-going updates twice a week on Rhino Files have kept listeners informed and passionate about saving the rhino.

To everyone at Jacaranda 94.2, Barney Simon, Martin Bester and Marketing Manager Jenny Griesel, as well as all the Jacaranda listeners who made this possible - THANK YOU!

Jacaranda FM

Jacaranda FM

09 February 2011

Jacaranda 94.2 joined the fight against the ruthless poaching of rhinos in 2010. In 2011, the station remains resolute in not only supplying and upgrading anti-poaching equipment where it's most needed, but now also making sure that officials are kitted with top-notch knowhow!

In October 2010 Jacaranda 94.2 held a phenomenally successful Rhino telethon, with the emphasis on protecting large rhino herds in Provincial Parks within the Jacaranda footprint. The response from the Jacaranda listeners was overwhelming and their heart-felt contributions amounted to well over a million rand's worth!

As a direct result, Jacaranda 94.2 has been able to make several donations of camping equipment, cars, radio system, GPS's, cameras, computers and more to both regional parks (North West Parks, Mpumulanga Parks, Limpop Parks), SAN Parks, and other rhino conservation organisations, including EWT & the Trackers & The Living Museum.

Whilst these efforts continue, this drive is kicking into the next gear: Field rangers in rhino poaching hotspots will soon embark on 6 weeks of specialized training, which will be provided by Li Lotriet & the team at Quemic Wildlife Security Services. This training includes highly specialized tactics and techniques that will assist in providing better protection for rhino.

These individuals and units were selected by a skilled committee that was appointed shortly after Jacaranda 94.2's Rhinothon. The committee evaluated all funding proposals and performed a thorough needs analysis on what is required & how Jacaranda 94.2 and its listeners could best make a difference.

The anti poaching units that will be going on the training were selected from North West Parks, Mpumalanga Parks & Limpopo Parks – individuals who are in the front lines of ensuring that all our big rhino populations are protected and well taken care of.

However, it doesn't end there. Not only will these teams be trained by the best in the business, they'll also be supplied a full kit of what is needed, to implement this protection when back in their respective parks. The kits include tents, camping equipment, GPS's, binoculars, suits, you name it.

Elise de Villiers from stoprhinopoaching.com who has been supporting Jacaranda 94.2's efforts, , says that "field rangers and anti-poaching personnel that have received specialised training and are properly equipped form the first line of defence, both proactive and reactive, on any rhino reserve. She continues: "By investing in their skills – thanks to heartfelt donations from the public – we're not only equipping them to perform effectively, we're also boosting morale. We are motivating them on a personal level to do their level best and are showing them how critically important their role is in ensuring that rhino are around for generations to come."

Johnson Maoka, Regional Manager of North West Parks, adds that "advanced counter poaching training is the key to take the war to the poachers against the unrelenting onslaught on rhino, as it will equip the field rangers with a variety of bush and technical skills to match, and beat, those of the poachers."

Jenny Griesel, Spokesperson for Jacaranda 94.2, says: "The fight is a long way from over, and Jacaranda 94.2 remains absolutely committed to preserving these wonderful creatures for many years to come. Had it not been for the passionate, collective support from our listeners, we would probably not have been able to join the fight for a cause that is very close to the Jacaranda 94.2-heart. The biggest 'thank you' we have to offer, is by KEEPING AT IT – The Jacaranda 94.2-way!"

To keep your finger on the pulse of what's happening in rhinoland, Listen to the Rhino files on Jacaranda 94.2 on Tuesdays at 13h40 with Barney Simon, and Thursday s at 16h40 with Martin Bester.

Jacaranda FM
Jacaranda FM


94.2 RHINO TELETHON, Friday 10 September, 7am to 7pm!

Jacarada FM

Monday, 30 August 2010 21:00

JOHANNESBURG - Stamping out rhino poaching is being taken on by Jacaranda 94.2 and more than two million listeners.

Spearheaded by the station’s Martin Bester and Barney Simon, the station will team up with organisa-ions such as Stoprhinopoaching.com to spread information on the cause, raise funds and create platforms to enable conservationists to drive their causes among others.

Rhino information and updates will be made during the afternoon show (one-4pm) and the evening drive show from four-7pm on weekdays.

"It is estimated 93% of the rhinos in Africa are in SA of which a large majority fall within Jacaranda 94.2’s footprint of Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Limpopo and North West. Parks such as Pilansberg, Loskop Nature Reserve and Atherstone Nature Reserve are within Jacaranda 94.2 airspace, making it the responsibility of the station and it’s audiences to do their best to preserve this for future generations,” said the station’s marketing manager Jenny Griesel.


Over the past few weeks we have been horrified by the sudden increase in rhino poaching. Talking about the issue helps, but now Jacaranda 94.2 will go beyond reporting – getting our hands dirty and DOING something about it!

Jacaranda 94.2’s very own Martin Bester and Barney Simon will team up with organisations like stoprhinopoaching.com and, with your help, do a whole lot more than just spread the word.

Pledge your support on 10 September, from 7am to 7pm through the Jacaranda 94.2 telethon in aid of the rhino’s plight. Jacaranda 94.2 presenters and celebrities will be taking your calls and raising funds to help protect these majestic and beautiful creatures.

Stay tuned to the Jacaranda 94.2 Workzone with Barney Simon between 1pm and 4pm, and Martin Bester Drive between 4pm and 7pm, on weekdays for ALL the rhino info you need to know!

Join Jacaranda 94.2 in ensuring the Big 5 stays the Big 5.

One of the ways you can help us, is to donate via sms. Send an sms to 38 580, first word rhino. Sms’ are R10.