A very big thank you to those of you who visit our site and keep an active interest in the rhino poaching tragedy. Our rhinos are in very deep trouble, the poaching threat is ever-evolving and increasingly sinister while the challenges and dangers mount against rhino reserves and their brave rangers. Irrespective of how hard this gets we are committed for the long haul, and for our rhinos sake we’re counting on you too……
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Thank you to all who have supported the StopRhinoPoaching Fund. We have received donations from all walks of life, from within South Africa's borders and abroad. From children donating their pocket money and schools organising collections, to newlyweds giving to rhinos rather than giving each guest a small gift at their wedding tables. We have been supported by so many remarkable people, pensioners, associations, small businesses and corporates all wanting to make a difference. Thank you!

StopRhinoPoaching.com has earmarked funding towards intelligence-gathering, investigations and informant fees. To date, R315 500.00 has been spent in this regard with a further R65 000.00 allocated. Investigators work closely with and support the SAPS / NWCRU initiative.

We have been saving like mad - again!! In August, our first Management Training Course with Quemic took place. We now aim to train the next 10 rhino reserve managers in mid-Ferbuary 2012. We are collecting another R150 000.00 towards this. Our Aerial Surveillance Project is going from strength to strength, having purchased a light sport aircraft for an important rhino reserve in the Eastern Cape.

Support to Private Rhino Owners. Although we've concentrated primarily on rhinos in Provincial Parks, we have been funding security meetings aimed at private owners, law enforcement officials and other role-players to encourage better communication and a more unified response to rhino poaching. To date we have channeled R20 500.00 towards these meetings (E Cape and KZN) and will be visiting other hotspots as well.

StopRhinoPoaching.com focuses on Level 1 requirements - training and equipment - as well as other areas as identified in the National Needs Analysis.

StopRhinoPoaching.com proudly initiated and sponsors the HAWKS RHINO HOTLINE - report intel directly to the SAPS HAWKS rhino investigators, 071 348 8630

For a complete record of what SRP.com and all its supporters have done for rhinos, please click on the e-booklet below.