A very big thank you to those of you who visit our site and keep an active interest in the rhino poaching tragedy. Our rhinos are in very deep trouble, the poaching threat is ever-evolving and increasingly sinister while the challenges and dangers mount against rhino reserves and their brave rangers. Irrespective of how hard this gets we are committed for the long haul, and for our rhinos sake we’re counting on you too……


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Funds are desperately needed to secure the safety of rhino in reserves across South Africa. Your financial support, no matter how small, will contribute towards critically needed rhino protection projects in South Africa.

Donor funding will be managed by members of Wildlife Ranching South Africa’s Rhino Chamber, in close collaboration with StopRhinoPoaching.com. The WRSA Rhino Chamber is driven by a dedicated Committee of rhino specialists, combining a wide range of expertise including Rhino Management, Research and Security. Donor funding will be used towards crucial initiatives, focusing mainly on training and the purchasing of necessary equipment, with special emphasis on the implementation of rhino protection projects in Provincial Reserves. 

A logo and website link will be placed on this site for any corporate donation
over R5 000.00. Please submit your logo to info@stoprhinopoaching.com

Donations can be made either by credit card or by direct deposit or PayPal.

For direct deposits / EFT donations, kindly forward a payment notification to 082 5577 615, or e-mail info@stoprhinopoaching.com. We will then be able to add your donated amount to the counter on the Home Page.

Bank: FNB
Acct Name: Stop Rhino Poaching NPC
Acct type: Cheque
Acct number: 62348792517
Branch code: 251037
SWIFT code for use by international donors - FIRNZAJJ

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For credit card donations ONLY:

Terms and Conditions: The WRSA Rhino Chamber Committee, in close collaboration with StopRhinoPoaching.com, reserves all rights with regards to how any donations are allocated and spent. Should a donor have filled in all the relevant fields to process a credit card donation, the donation will be accepted as such and no refunds will be granted.