A very big thank you to those of you who visit our site and keep an active interest in the rhino poaching tragedy. Our rhinos are in very deep trouble, the poaching threat is ever-evolving and increasingly sinister while the challenges and dangers mount against rhino reserves and their brave rangers. Irrespective of how hard this gets we are committed for the long haul, and for our rhinos sake we’re counting on you too……
For membership enquiries e-mail manager@wrsa.co.za
All game capture teams, wildlife vets and rhino owners are encouraged to submit samples to the Rhino DNA Database administered by the Veterinary Genetics Laboratory at Onderstepoort.
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To all rhino owners

Trust is at an all-time low, especially considering the recent arrests of prominent figures in the game industry. It is in this environment that the poaching will thrive. Presume that they know where you are and plan accordingly. Establish an emergency procedure on your farm, train your staff, tighten your security, asses your risks, monitor your rhino, do patrols, sweep boundary roads clean, link with your trustworthy and accountable neighbours and find out about security networks in your area. BE PREPARED at all times, but especially around full moon as well as month end when you have fewer staff around. Private owners need to educate themselves in all matters pertaining to rhino security. Sadly, the days of thinking it won’t happen to you are over. Have emergency contact numbers available to all staff including the details of your provincial SAPS HAWKS coordinator and security company, and instruct your staff not to talk to anyone who asks them where rhino occur in your area.

The Rhino Owners Login contains important documentation specific to all rhino owners including current legislation, a document on Maintaining Crime Scene Integrity, as well as a concise Rhino Security and Management Contingency Plan for Private Landowners complied by EKZN Wildlife.

This page also contains an ONLINE FORM TO REGISTER A POACHING INCIDENT which will serve as an additional source of information and profiling tool for the SAPS and National Wildlife Crime Reaction Unit.

All owners and reserve managers are encouraged to register your details (approval takes no longer than 24 hours), after which you will have access to login to the Rhino Owners Page. Registered owners include some of the largest rhino reserves in the country, but anyone who may be apprehensive about sharing specific details is welcome to send a mail to elise@stoprhinopoaching.com to address their concerns.

Created as a communications tool and available to all stakeholders, the Rhino Owners Login functions as a secure “all in one” platform option from which important documentation can be made easily accessible to all rhino owners.

Wildlife Vets are welcome to register and login to the rhino owners page.

The right to complaint is proportional to your level of commitment. Initiate, participate, become active in your area. Evil prevails while good men do nothing.

Approval of membership is at the discretion of StopRhinoPoaching.com.