A very big thank you to all of you who visit our site and keep an active interest in what's happening to our rhinos. Although the poaching stats continue to increase WE WILL NOT GIVE UP!...24/05 5 poachers arrested this morning in Vaalkop area NW, 3 rhinos found dead in Orkney area, incident took place 2 days ago, 2 more rhinos poached NW....21/05 Phinda Pvt GR reports 4 suspects intercepted, 1 fatally wounded, 1 critical, .458 + silencer, axe and 6 rounds confiscated. Well done guys!...21/05 Conserv reports 2 rhino down NW. Calf shot, 1 horn removed. Cow shot died later from injures...21/05 KZN announces 11 rhinos poached in the last twenty days plus news of other incidents coming in non-stop. Desperate for top level syndicate arrests!...17/05 10 + private rhino poached in the last 3 days....15/05 Sorry for lack of updates, been away on projects and handovers...21/04 Rhinos poached in Mpumalanga, KZN and Gauteng that we know of...07/04 News of 66 rhino horns stolen from a private reserve in Limpopo + 2 carcasses found in Madikwe...01/04 Rhino Poacher commits suicide in the Kruger Park after realising he's surrounded...31/03 Deepest condolences to the families, friends and colleagues of the 5 SANDF members who died in a heli crash during anti-poaching operations in Kruger last night... 27/03 News of 3 poachers shot dead in Kruger after a skirmish with rangers. All rangers thankfully OK...26/03 News of a 2 week old carcass found in Madikwe plus a suspected rhino poacher shot dead in KZN (Imfolozi) on Sunday...12/02 Amazing successes in Kruger the last few days, well done guys!...06/02 Rhino horn bust in Joburg last night. 1 horn recovered, 3 Chinese Nationals arrested. Well done all...29/01 Table Mountain National Park projecting the HAWKS RHINO HOTLINE number onto Table Mountain tonight! WOW!!!...22/01 6 poachers arrested in Kruger - great news!...20/01 2 White rhino bulls poached near Brits. Calf wounded and died of injuries...18/01 SANParks Tweet - 3 suspected rhino poachers arrested in KNP...17/01 3 arrested near Phalaborwa allegedly on way to poach...16/01 News of sangoma arrested after swoop on poachers entering Phinda. Well done to all involved!...15/01 Letaba Ranch ranger shot by poachers has died. SRP condolences to family, friends and colleagues..15/01 2 poachers arrested today in North West after 14hr hot pursuit...14/01 4 arrested in Makhado Limpopo for planned rhino poaching...10/01 Conserv reports white rhino cow shot, carcass found today in Madikwe. Horns intact and calf rescued...08/01 27kgs of rhino horn seized in Thailand and Vietnam...08/01 SANParks reports 3 white rhino poached in Kruger since the beginning of the year. A hunting rifle and 2 sets of horns recovered...06/01/13 Conserv resports 1 white rhino poached in NW. Carcass approx 5 days old...news of 2 other carcasses as well, same age. Full moon over New Year's...20/11 Conserv reports 3 foot soldiers arrested today implicated in Vaalkop Dam incident. Will appear in Brits court tomorrow. Well done to all involved in the follow up operations!...17/11 News of 7 rhino poached, 1 calf orphaned near Vaalkop Dam, North West...07/11 Conserv reports white rhino cow shot, horns removed, calf shot, horns not removed, Mafikeng GR NW...04/11 Another 5 rhino down on private farm in the Amalia area, plus 3 known wounded...01/11 Conserv reports 1 rhino poached, horns intact, Amalia area NW....30/10 Conserv reports 2 black rhino shot dead on Madikwe 2-3 days ago. Horns removed...19/10 Conserv reports black rhino bull shot Madikwe approx 5 days ago. Horns not removed...17/10 Conserv reports 1 black rhino found poached, Madikwe. Shot, horns removed, carcass 3 weeks old...01/10 Conserv reports 1 black rhino carcass found, 2 weeks old, Madikwe GR. Horns removed...30/09 Conserv reports white rhino bull poached at approx 05h30 this morning, Madikwe. Horns neatly removed, eyes cut out...26/09 4 White Rhinos poached in the Eastern Cape...25/09 News of more rhino poached in KZN...24/09 Conserv reports: Rhino Poaching latest stats. Sadly 396 rhinos down by 22 Sept. Another 6 down in Natal in the past 48hrs, 1 in North West. Total now 403...22/09 Happy Rhino Day everyone! Thanks to all of you out there doing your best for rhinos, and to everyone out there supporting SRP.com's efforts. We wont give up!!...21/09 We're proud to be supporting Skydive for Rhinos at the AAD show in Pretoria tommorrow! Jump happening in Robertson, Cape Town as well! ACT's Skydive for Rhinos team, you're incredible!...20/09 More rhinos down....07/09 Another R40 000.00 from Alu-Cab! Thanks Jeremy and Mich for your amazing work!...03/09 A very special day spent with the guys graduating up in Vaalwater. They are such an inspiration, well done guys!...31/08 2 men jailed for 29 years each for rhino poaching! An incredible sentence, well done all! ... 21/08 Conserv reports 3 rhinos poached, horns removed on Pvt Game Farm NW. 2 shot 48hrs ago, 1 shot 2 months ago...20/08 SRP.com and Quemic's Rhino Reserve Management Course started today up in Vaalwater. We have 10 candidates on the course - 6 Provincial and 4 Private...18/08 A great day with McCarthy Toyota and the AAWDC at their Family Fun day in support of SRP.com! Thank you!! 12/08 Conserv update: The rhino that was dehorned alive has passed away. 2 calves found dead on Bora due to mothers being poached...09/08 Conserv reports 7 rhino poached in North West. 5 in Bora, 1 Madikwe and 1 private. Private rhino darted, still alive...28/07 Wetback Charity Ball with The Parlotones brought in over R300 000.00 for our aircraft - an incredibly special evening with very special people!...28/07 Skydive For Rhinos in Rustenburg was AMAZING!! Please, all of you, there are jumps around the country - SIGN UP!!!...11/07 An incredible day at the MECHEM, 1st Jacaranda Dog Graduation today!!!...04/07 We are really sad to announce the passing of our rhino dog Jack. More on on our Rhino Dogs page...19/06 Conserv reports White rhino cow and calf poached in the Vaalwater area last week. Cows horns removed with a chainsaw...on a positive note, 1 poacher was convicted of 2 counts of poaching on Borakalalo, North West. He was sentenced to 10 years per incident. EXCELLENT NEWS!!! 12/06 Conserv reports 5 suspected poachers arrested north of Brits last night, .375 rifle & Double Cab confiscated. WELL DONE GUYS!...04/06 News: 7 people arrested and 12 horns seized in two stings in Gauteng last week. Excellent work to the teams involved!!...28/05 Alu-Cab have handed over R50 000.00 to SRP.com! To Jeremy and Michahn and all who have been supporting the Alu-Cab inititative for SRP.com - THANK YOU!!!...26/05 Conserv reports 2 black rhino poached Madikwe, horns removed. A white rhino possibly wounded...25/05 Conserv reports 1 white rhino cow shot and wounded Tuesday, died yesterday, horns not removed. Borakalalo, NW...22/05 Olienhout handover a further R47 000.00 to SRP.com... 17/05 Conserv reports pregnant white rhino cow aborted calf and died after being shot 3 x in Barberspan. Both horns removed...09/05 Hawks swoop on Groenewald accused this morning with uncapped asset forfeiture order of R55 Million!... 29/04 SAPS officer and game ranger die in friendly fire incident in KNP. Our sincere condolences to families and colleagues... 27/04 Conserv reports 2yr old Black rhino cow found today in Pilanesberg, shot approx a week ago. Both horns removed...18/04 and and incredible afternoon with Jacaranda, The Parlotones (Neil Pauw's painting went for R200 000.00 - WOW Neil!) and MNet's The Wild. R573 000.00 in pledges for the "FICTION BECOMES REALITY" Project. To all involved and to all who pledged, THANK YOU!...08/04 News of full moon victims coming in. Conserv reports 07h20 rhino cow shot last night at 02h30 in Rankin's Pass, Limpopo. Horns hacked off, 1 month old calf orphaned. Report at 08h30, 1 white rhino bull shot, horns removed in Pilanesberg. Carcass 1 to 2 days old...05/04 Conserv reports 4 suspected Moz poachers arrested in a road block near Borakalalo NW.Rifle/axe/knife confiscated...23/03 An incredible fundraiser last night with Braam Malherbe, organised by Olienhout Republic. Thanks so much to all! 23/03 Cheque handover to SRP.com - R50 381.00 raised by Supervet! Our sincere appreciation!...17/03 Conserv reports 1 white rhino cow poached 2-3 days ago private land NW. Both horns removed, 2 bullet wounds...13/03 Mr S Els gets 8 yrs imprisonment + R1 million payback fine for dealing in rhino horn. Mr E Siganque gets 12 yrs for poaching + 1 yr for trespassing. Well done to all!!...09/03 3 suspected poachers caught in a Free State reserve on wed with dart gun and drugs to remain in jail until official bail hearing on 16th. WELL DONE NPA!!..07/03 1 Black rhino shot and killed approx 5 days ago in Pilanesberg. Horns not removed...06/03 Suspected rhino poacher shot dead and another 2 wounded in KNP...04/03 SAPS HAWKS bust big player in Hazyview over the weekend...02/03 3 Rhinos down at Kariega, E Cape. All 3 dehorned, 2 still alive and critical. Conserv reports 1 white rhino poached a week ago, found in the Vryburg area today, horns removed.Follow up sms 4pm, another poached rhino found in Vryburg..29/02 SANParks and SAPS yesterday arrested 4 KNP officials stationed in the Pretoriuskop section...24/02 SRP.com had to be moved to a bigger server but is up and running again (thanks to our web developers & sponsors, TheDevFactory.) The website has had HUGE traffic following the NBC broadcast on rhino poaching. Will get back to all of you in the USA ordering rhino bands with $ costs this weekend. THANKS NBC ROCK CENTRE!!...23/02 Conserv reports 1 white rhino shot and killed, both horns removed 2 days ago, found today. Another rhino wounded. Assen area... 18/02 Please read the Borakalalo story linked on the home page...16/02 Conserv reports white rhino found shot, front horn missing and still alive, Borakalalo. ( SRP will have more info tomorrow) ; 2 to 3 month-old carcass of a white rhino, horns removed, has been found in the Pilanesberg...15/2 NW successes so far this year: 20 arrests, 4 rifles, 4 vehicles and 3 horns. Well done!...14/02 Conserv reports 5 poachers arrested @ 01h25 NWest. 3 RSA, 1 Bots, 1 Zim citizens. total Beestekraal syndicate of 8 behind bars! Most grateful to SAPS and Crime Intelligence...13/02 Conserv reported news of another 2 rhinos poached, horns removed, Madikwe...11/02 Conserv reports 1 white rhino bull shot and wounded in Madikwe on Monday has died. Horns recovered...06/02 Conserv reports at 17h45 Rhino bull shot + - an hour ago, horns removed, Thabazimbi/Rooiberg area. Follow up in progress. Report from 10h16am: Black Rhino shot, horns removed at approx 5am this morning, Madikwe GR... 03/02 Conserv reports 3 poachers arrested, vehicle, firearm, axe confiscated in Beestekraal area. Was en route to carry out poaching. WELL DONE TO SAPS AND HAWKS!!... 03/02 Official stats from SANParks updated on our stats page...31/01 3 Mozambiquan poachers sentenced to a maximum of 25 yrs imprisonment each for poaching rhinos in KNP...30/01 Phat Phoung Hien found guilty for possession and transportation of horns in Pta North Magistrate Court. Sentenced to R100 000.00 fine or 4 years jail + a further 4 years jail suspended for 5 years. Accused will be deported...30/01 Conserv reports white rhino bull shot late last week, horns removed, north of Vaalwater...27/10 Conserv reports 3 members of a poaching sydicate arrested near Shoshanguve in an attempt to carry out poaching. Vehicle and firearms retrieved. Well done guys!...26/01 Public Parliamentary hearings on the rhino situation in Cape Town today...16/01 Conserv reports Zimbabwean arrested in possession of 3 fresh rhino horns (cow/calf) in Kameeldrift area. Also, 3 of 4 poachers arrested in Rooiberg area, pistol and rifle confiscated...15/01 Minister announces another 150 rangers for KNP this year...15/01 Conserv reports 1 white rhino shot twice, horns removed, 2 days ago Madikwe...11&12/01 News of 11 rhino poached in Kruger shocks us all...09/01/2012 Official stats for 2011 have been posted on our Stats Page...16/12 Conserv reports: 2nd rhino found today poached near Phalaborwa, 4 arrests made, fire arm and vehicle confiscated. 1st rhino was discovered wednesday... 15/12 Conserv reports 1 white rhino poached at Loskop Dam...14/12 Chinese National gets 6 years in jail for posession of rhino horn...13/12 Conserv reports 1 white rhino bull poached in Pilanesberg approx a week ago, horns removed...12/12 Conserv reports 2 white rhino carcasses, a week old, found in the Rooiberg area...11/12 There has been a huge upsurge in poaching incidents, particularly in the past week. Figures fall somewhere between 430 and 450, awaiting official numbers. In one of the latest incidents, a white rhino bull and cow were darted and de-horned in the Western Cape. Badly injured, they are still alive. There are so many monsters out there...06/12 Conserv reports 1 white rhino shot and wounded Borakalalo, NW... 05/12 Conserv follow up on Vaalwater incident: missing rhino cow found poached, horns removed. Calf being treated...04/12 Conserv reports rhino bull calf shot and wounded, mother still missing, Vaalwater area....01/12 Conserv reports 1 week old white rhino carcass, horns removed, found btw Schweizer Reneke and Christiana NW...25/11 Final Parade at Quemic for the 3rd group of APU members trained. A very proud day, well done to all!...24/11 Well known wildlife vet arrested, charges pending...15/11 Hong Kong Customs have confiscated 33 rhino horns (86kgs) shipped from Cape Town harbour...10/11 Conserv reports white rhino bull shot and wounded north of Vaalwater estimated Tuesday...later put down...09/11 Rhino bull poached at Loskop... 07/11 Rhino cow and calf darted and dehorned Shamwari, Eastern Cape. Calf has survived the attack...06/11 Two rhinos poached Mauricedale...04/11 Two Thai nationals suspected to be part of a rhino poaching syndicate arrested by SARS and the HAWKS at OR Tambo Airport. Well done guys!!...01/11 Conserv reports white rhino found poached, Madikwe Game Reserve...afternoon follow-up: shot through heart and lungs, horns removed, carcass 3/4 days old, found approx 800m from Botswana border...27/10 Rock for Rhinos raised R5 000 last night! To all who attended and supported, Kinky Robot and Cold War Candy Drop - THANK YOU!!! 25/10 Last Javan rhino in Vietnam poached in April, with only 40-60 remaining in Indonesia...24/10 Conserv reports: 2 white rhino poached yesterday, Sandveld, Free State...19/10 Conserv reports 1 white rhino in boma near Vaalwter shot 3 x with a bow. Still alive...10/10 Conserv reports 1 white rhino cow wounded, another shot/killed and horns removed. Carcass a week old, Kudoeskop area, Limpopo...30/09 Groenewald case in court today, and a whopping 1 872 charges were served against them. Excellent work to the investigations team and prosecutors!...28/09 23:40 Conserv confirms 1 rhino cow and calf shot, horns removed. Follow up in progress. Assen, North West...28/09 Conserv reports: follow up on poaching in Rooiberg. 1 cow wounded, round removed and in stable condition...27/09, 02h15am, Conserv reports 1 of 2 poachers shot and arrested in the Rooiberg area.Well done to all involved...23/09 THANK YOU JACARANDA 94.2 FOR AN INCREDIBLE WORLD RHINO DAY, AND TO ALL OF YOU WHO SUPPORTED! R23 600 CAME IN YESTERDAY!!...22/09 Tune into Jacaranda 94.2 for World Rhino Day!...This friday, the Veterinary Genetics lab is having a fundraising braai @12:00 to raise funds for their rhino DNA project. Entrance is R20, which gets you a beer/soft drink and boerrie roll. RSVP by 15h00 today by smsing 0765486402...19/09 Thank you Mark Taylor and supporters for your donation of R5 260...15/09 Donations via the website topped R400 000.00 today. THANK YOU FOR MAKING A DIFFERENCE FOR RHINOS!...14/09 Conserv reports 1 rhino cow poached early this morning outside Brits, her small calf badly injured...13/09 Conserv reports 1 rhino poached in the Rust De Winter area within the last 3 days...09/09 Final Parade graduation at Quemic for Jacaranda's 2nd group of provincial armed field ranger candidates. 2 poachers killed in Kruger Park shoot-out. Rhino poached in Sabi Sand...01/09 Alleged syndicate leader Chumlong Lemtongthai has been refused bail and will appear again in court on September 15...28/08 Conserv reports 2 poachers arrested during attempted poaching near Vaalwater. Rifle, silencer and vehicle confiscated. Well done to Quemic, stock theft units and SAPS...28/08 Polokwane, 1 poacher shot dead, 2 more arrested of which was shot and wounded..25/08 Aquila's rhino ABSA, who's front horn was removed by poachers this past Saturday, died during the night...24/08 Rhino cow and young calf poached in the Waterberg region...23/08 Latest released figures on our statistics page, uploaded today...22/08 Conserv reports: 1 rhino found wounded (shot) in the Rooiberg Area. Red day period starts 24th August...21/08 Update, Aquila Game Reserve, Western Cape. 1 rhino darted & dehorned, treated by vets and OK so far. 2nd darted rhino untouched. The 3rd rhino, missing yesterday, was found dead and de-horned...19/08 News of 2 rhino poached in the Eastern Cape...16/08 Conserv reports rhino poached near Assen, N West, 09h15 this morning. Follow up in progress...15/08 4 suspected rhino poachers arrested in Welgevonden Pvt Game Reserve (Limpopo province) this evening in joint intelligence driven ops between Quemic and SAPS. Weapons with silencers, extra ammo, an axe and the getaway vehicle retrieved. EXCELLENT WORK!!!...13/08 AAWDC LCCSA 4 X 4 Family Fun Day in aid of our Eastern Cape Rhino Project a huge success. Thank you Salo and all involved!...13/08 Conserv reports: Congrats to the SAPS and Private APU's during hot pursuit in Vaalwater area, arrested 3 suspected poachers last night...10/08 Conserv reports 2 white rhino (a bull and cow) found poached, horns brutally removed, Rooiberg area Limpopo...08/08 Conserv reports 1 white rhino found poached, horns removed, Borakalalo. Caracass a month old...06/08 Conserv reports: 2 white rhino cows poached, horns removed, Vaalwater area...05/08 Conserv reports 2 black rhino carcasses found in Pilanesberg, horns removed. Killed approx 6 months ago...04/08 Conserv reports 2 Vietnamese Nationals in custody, convicted to 8 and 12 yrs for possession of 7 and 8 rhino horns. Well done to the Hawks...01/08 Conserv reports: Naboomspruit, 2 cows poached, horns removed. Missing calf of one poached cow found...29/07 Conserv reports CODE RED ALERT at 2 am, rhino poached 30 mins ago in Warmbaths. Follow up action in progres...28/07 Conserv reports 1 black rhino cow poached Pilanesberg, caracass approx 1 month old...21/07 Conserv reports: Vaalwater - White rhino bull poached last night both horns removed. Other news - 2 people intent on poaching arrested in Pretoria yesterday in possession of a dart gun and M99. Well done to the HAWKS!...11/07 Thai kingpin arrested by HAWKS, SARS on saturday...10/07 Conserv reports: rhino bull shot and wounded in the Rooiberg area. Rhino owners be on high alert...07/07 3 month old dehorned carcasses of a rhino cow and her calf, which starved to death, found Marloth Park... 21/06 News from Conserv: Rhino cow poached near Hoedspruit, carcass found yesterday. 3 month old calf now orphaned, and a 2nd calf from another cow injured in the same incident...17/06 1 White rhino poached near Cullinan...13/06 Conserv reports 2 cows, 1 calf shot in the Rooikraal area, Limpopo. Cows horns were removed...12/06 1 White Rhino found dead in snare, Limpopo. Horns recovered...04/06 Rhino poachers hit Swaziland for the first time in 20 years. White rhino cow poached last night, both horns removed...01/06 SAPS message to the anon report resent today. Thank you for excellent info, its being followed up...28/05 7 poachers arrested and 2 dead in SAPS trap in Malalane. Well done!...Black rhino bull poached in Pilanesberg, carcass 2 weeks old, horns removed...26/05 Conserv reports pregnant white rhino cow poached 6 to 8 days ago near Cullinan, both horns removed...23/05 Conserv reports 2 Congolese & 1 Taiwanese arrested this weekend in posession of rhino horn. Well done to the investigating team...17/05 We have also donated R30 000.00's worth of equipment to the Jacaranda Provincial Parks project, purchasing spotting scopes, binoculars and head lamps...16/05 20yr old rhino bull killed in the Pilanesberg, horns removed. Carcass 2 weeks old...09/05 Goodluck to the Righs For Rhinos team walking from Musina to Cape Town, starting today!...04/05 2 week old carcass found of a rhino cow poached 30km from Potch, North West...01/05 Rhino cow and small calf poached Naboomspruit...24/04 SANParks says 1 poacher killed, 3 arrested, 3 carcasses found KNP...19/04 more arrests and 2 poachers shot dead in Kruger. Well done SANParks and the SANDF!...The donation of R100 000.00 received by StopRhinoPoaching.com has been earmarked towards intelligence-gathering, investigations and informant fees. Investigators will work closely with and support fully the SAPS / NWCRU initiative... 11/04 Groenewald update: the full list of charges will be set on September 30, trial begins 23 April 2012...04/04 4 white rhino down in the Phalaborwa area, 1 caught and died in a snare, 2 poached...16/03 White rhino poached in the Thabazimbi area...08/03 Suspected rhino poacher shot in the Kruger National Park...04/03 3 rhino carcasses with horns removed discovered yesterday in the Dwesa Nature Reserve, Eastern Cape, 1 white rhino bull poached in Limpopo...26/02 News out of Limpopo Province: 6 rhino killed (1 of which was a black rhino) and separately to that some excellent arrests...12/02 Eastern Cape, Kariega - poachers dart and de-horn white rhino alive. Severely injured, it had to be euthanased...08/02 Four poachers shot dead in SA Parks...05/02 White Rhino Cow poached yesterday, front horn removed, Botsalano, NW Province... 31/01 SANParks announces 31 arrests for January. Well done!! New Rhino DNA Sample Kit unveiled...27/01 Poachers claim their first rhino in the Western Cape...16/01 News of rhino killed in Umfolozi...12/01 News of 5 poachers shot dead in Kruger....10/01 Pregnant rhino cow poached near Hoedspruit...05/01 - White Rhino cow killed in the Eastern Cape, both horns taken....28/12 9 year-old rhino cow killed in Mafikeng yesterday, horns removed... 17/12 Vusi, the little orphaned calf in our story Turning In Circles, died at the Rhino and Lion Park last night. To all who did their best to pull him through, our thoughts are with you... 06/12 White rhino cow and older calf killed this past weekend at Botsalano Game Reserve, North West. Her young calf was rescued this morning...22/11 Two Vietnamese nationals arrested in Beaufort West this morning with 15 rhino horns. Well done to the investigators!...19/11 Limpopo officials confirm 17 rhino carcasses found at Letaba Ranch...13/11 An outstanding effort by all involved in the successful arrest after the poaching incident in Naboomspruit. Thank you Conserv for mobilizing and managing support!...THE FLETCHER GANG, 22 RHINO KILLED, LAST MINUTE WITNESS INTIMIDATION FORCES THE STATE TO ASK FOR A POSTPONEMENT. JUDGE'S RULING TO STRIKE THE CASE FROM THE ROLL ALLOWS AUTHORITIES TO THOROUGHLY INVESTIGATE INTIMIDATION AND BRIBERY OF WITNESSES AND ARRANGE FOR WITNESS PROTECTION....PLEA BARAGIN STATE WITNESS NICOLAAS VAN DEVENTER GOES BACK ON HIS WORD AND AT THE LAST MINUTE LETS THE STATE KNOW THAT HE REFUSES TO TESTIFY...click on our Jacaranda 94.2 Feelgood link for pictures...Our key rhino investigators receiving tip-offs via this site would like to thank everyone who has submitted a suspicious report...20/09 - HAWKS BUST GROENEWALD GANG IN JOINT OPERATION WITH SANPARKS, NATURE CONSERVATION, SARS AND THE CAA. TO ALL INVOLVED, THANK YOU FOR YOUR DEDICATION, PERSERVERANCE AND EXCELLENT WORK!...10/09 JACARANDA 94.2 TELETHON RAISES OVER 1 MILLION RAND FOR RHINO PROTECTION AND R550 000.00 WORTH OF DONATED EQUIPMENT!...To the thousands of people and corporates that pledged their support, to everyone at Jacaranda, to all the celebs that manned phones, and to Martin Bester and Barney Simon, THANK YOU...Toyota hands over 2 Hilux Double Cab's to Pilanesberg to help fight poaching till December. THANK YOU Toyota!..


FEBRUARY 2013: sponsored 2 candidates to attend the Quemic Management Course (1 EC Parks and Tourism, 1 SANParks)

23 OCTOBER 2012: Bud, our second dog for our chosen reserve in the Eastern Cape, graduated in Skukuza with his handler today.

10 AUGUST 2012: Another field ranger graduates at Quemic. His training was sponsored by Western Cape Catering.

AUGUST 2012: Thank you to Credit Guarantee for two donations to our Eastern Cape Project: A laptop for rhino monitoring as well as R9 000.00's worth of Fence Testers. Our sincerest appreciation!

11 JULY 2012: Thank you to Land Cruiser Club South Africa and the AADWC for their donation of equipment to DEDEA investigators valuing just under R10 000.00.

05 APRIL 2012:

02 December 2011: Communications are a vital element in the fight against rhino poaching and pose a challenge in remote areas. In order to help upgrade communications on one particular reserve we are proud to have co-sponsored necessary equipment with Olienhout Republic to the following values:

Olienhout Republic: R7 370.00 SRP.com, through the sale of Rhino Bands, stickers, candles and keyrings: R13 020.00

As always, a huge thanks to the Olienhout guys for their support and commitment. 

29 November 2011: Olienhout Republic, Snack Arena and Eets Footlong Time sponsor 2 metal detectors for DEDEA. Picture opposite. Thanks guys!

25 November 2011: Printing of 5 000 brochures for circulation in local communities to help establish informant networks.

23 August 2011: 100 rhino bands and 100 stickers to circulate in the Queenstown area after a rhino was poached there this month.

21 June 2011: Thanks to all who have been supporting our Rhno Bands, stickers and keyrings we have been able to purhase the following equipment for the Special Investigations Unit: 9 Maglite torches, 5 pairs of 8 x 42 binoculars and 2 spotlights.

22 March 2011: 1 laptop and 1 digital camera. 

29 March 2011: Our sincerest thanks to Serentiy Crafts, Supermoto SA, Adventures with Elephants and all of you who have purchased our Rhino Bands, stickers and keyrings. We have handed over 10 tactical torches, a utility knife and a green laser sight to Div de Villiers, Senior Manager of Environmental Compliance and Enforcement - Eastern Cape Parks.


12 December 2011: Equipment to the value of R3 000 to the IDALO group, from funds raised through the sale of rhino bands.

Mid-November 2011: Brett Barlow handed just over R4 000's worth of equipment to Rodney Visser, head of security for the IDALO group.

Many thanks to Jack for his generous donation. For more on Jack Hanna please visit www.jackhanna.com


Above: Brett Barlow receives a donation of R5 000 for our Eastern Cape Rhino Project from Dr Hayward and his team from 9th Avenue Veterinary Clinic in PE. Thanks to all for your incredible support and the awareness you create at the practice.


Brett (left) with Daron Mann, Carol-Ann Kelleher and Charlton Tobias of The Morning Show.
Brett Barlow, who has supported the website since its humble beginings and has gone out of his way to raise rhino awareness at every opportunity, will be involved in running this project. Thank you Brett! Contact Brett at brett@stoprhinopoaching.com


Rhino poaching, which is rampant in other provinces within South Africa, is a growing threat to the rhino herd in the Eastern Cape region. To compound this threat the Eastern Cape is home to established breeding populations of the endangered black rhino, making it absolutely critical to protect these animals by equipping the anti-poaching personnel that guard them. StopRhinoPoaching.com's Eastern Cape Rhino Project is a proactive initiative and aims to channel funding and support to the one of the province's Provincial rhino reserves, making them a hard target which in turn acts as a deterrent to poachers. We will also support investigators and selected large reserves where possible.

In 2012 we and our project partners raised funds to purchase ZU-SRP, a Foxbat light sport aircraft for use in a reserve in the Province. Not only do unpredictable flights discourage poachers from attempting to enter a reserve in case they are detected, but regular fence and reserve patrols show a sign of organised force. The added bonus is that aside from having an aircraft that can also mobilize as an important component of the reaction team, it can also be used for routine rhino monitoring. This is especially useful when it comes to black rhinos.