A very big thank you to those of you who visit our site and keep an active interest in the rhino poaching tragedy. Our rhinos are in very deep trouble, the poaching threat is ever-evolving and increasingly sinister while the challenges and dangers mount against rhino reserves and their brave rangers. Irrespective of how hard this gets we are committed for the long haul, and for our rhinos sake we’re counting on you too……


FEBRUARY 2013: sponsored 2 candidates to attend the Quemic Management Course (1 EC Parks and Tourism, 1 SANParks)

23 OCTOBER 2012: Bud, our second dog for our chosen reserve in the Eastern Cape, graduated in Skukuza with his handler today.

10 AUGUST 2012: Another field ranger graduates at Quemic. His training was sponsored by Western Cape Catering.

AUGUST 2012: Thank you to Credit Guarantee for two donations to our Eastern Cape Project: A laptop for rhino monitoring as well as R9 000.00's worth of Fence Testers. Our sincerest appreciation!

11 JULY 2012: Thank you to Land Cruiser Club South Africa and the AADWC for their donation of equipment to DEDEA investigators valuing just under R10 000.00.

05 APRIL 2012:

02 December 2011: Communications are a vital element in the fight against rhino poaching and pose a challenge in remote areas. In order to help upgrade communications on one particular reserve we are proud to have co-sponsored necessary equipment with Olienhout Republic to the following values:

Olienhout Republic: R7 370.00 SRP.com, through the sale of Rhino Bands, stickers, candles and keyrings: R13 020.00

As always, a huge thanks to the Olienhout guys for their support and commitment. 

29 November 2011: Olienhout Republic, Snack Arena and Eets Footlong Time sponsor 2 metal detectors for DEDEA. Picture opposite. Thanks guys!

25 November 2011: Printing of 5 000 brochures for circulation in local communities to help establish informant networks.

23 August 2011: 100 rhino bands and 100 stickers to circulate in the Queenstown area after a rhino was poached there this month.

21 June 2011: Thanks to all who have been supporting our Rhno Bands, stickers and keyrings we have been able to purhase the following equipment for the Special Investigations Unit: 9 Maglite torches, 5 pairs of 8 x 42 binoculars and 2 spotlights.

22 March 2011: 1 laptop and 1 digital camera. 

29 March 2011: Our sincerest thanks to Serentiy Crafts, Supermoto SA, Adventures with Elephants and all of you who have purchased our Rhino Bands, stickers and keyrings. We have handed over 10 tactical torches, a utility knife and a green laser sight to Div de Villiers, Senior Manager of Environmental Compliance and Enforcement - Eastern Cape Parks.


12 December 2011: Equipment to the value of R3 000 to the IDALO group, from funds raised through the sale of rhino bands.

Mid-November 2011: Brett Barlow handed just over R4 000's worth of equipment to Rodney Visser, head of security for the IDALO group.

Many thanks to Jack for his generous donation. For more on Jack Hanna please visit www.jackhanna.com


Above: Brett Barlow receives a donation of R5 000 for our Eastern Cape Rhino Project from Dr Hayward and his team from 9th Avenue Veterinary Clinic in PE. Thanks to all for your incredible support and the awareness you create at the practice.


Brett (left) with Daron Mann, Carol-Ann Kelleher and Charlton Tobias of The Morning Show.
Brett Barlow, who has supported the website since its humble beginings and has gone out of his way to raise rhino awareness at every opportunity, will be involved in running this project. Thank you Brett! Contact Brett at brett@stoprhinopoaching.com


Rhino poaching, which is rampant in other provinces within South Africa, is a growing threat to the rhino herd in the Eastern Cape region. To compound this threat the Eastern Cape is home to established breeding populations of the endangered black rhino, making it absolutely critical to protect these animals by equipping the anti-poaching personnel that guard them. StopRhinoPoaching.com's Eastern Cape Rhino Project is a proactive initiative and aims to channel funding and support to the one of the province's Provincial rhino reserves, making them a hard target which in turn acts as a deterrent to poachers. We will also support investigators and selected large reserves where possible.

In 2012 we and our project partners raised funds to purchase ZU-SRP, a Foxbat light sport aircraft for use in a reserve in the Province. Not only do unpredictable flights discourage poachers from attempting to enter a reserve in case they are detected, but regular fence and reserve patrols show a sign of organised force. The added bonus is that aside from having an aircraft that can also mobilize as an important component of the reaction team, it can also be used for routine rhino monitoring. This is especially useful when it comes to black rhinos.